Alchemy Table
Alchemy Table
Health 4 Hits with Hammer
This is the place where life first came.

You can use it to brew potions and ingredients.

  • Alchemy Table Health = 4 Hits with Hammer.
  • Alchemy Table Prefab = "fa_alchemytable"
  • Crafting = 10 Living Log, 5 Nightmare Fuel, 1 Empty Bottle and 5 Boards.
Inventory slot backgroundLiving Log


Inventory slot background Nightmare Fuel


Inventory slot backgroundBoards


Inventory slot backgroundEmpty BottleInterface arrow rightInventory slot backgroundAlchemy Table

Used to CraftEdit

Health Potion Hunger Potion Sanity Potion Oil Bottle Water Bottle Mineral Water Bottle Frozen Essence Bottle Life Essence Bottle Lightning Essence Bottle Poison Essence Bottle

Generic Key Sand Brewing Yeast Distilling Yeast Wine Yeast Bone Shield Reflect Shield

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