Here shoud be all Alcohol of all types

Item Name Intoxication Durability Duration Special Effect
Light Rum Light Rum 153 uses240sPhysical resistance 5%
Dark Rum Dark Rum 153 uses240s

Physical resistance 20%

Gold Rum Gold Rum 153 uses240sConvert pain into sanity
Flavored Rum Flavored Rum 153 uses240sGives temporary 200hp 
Hot Rum Hot Rum 153 uses240sincrease the player's perceived temperature
Mug of Light Ale Mug of Light Ale 51 uses120sDamage Boost 10%
Light Ale Light Ale 53 uses120sDamage Boost 10%
Mug of Ron's Ale Mug of Ron's Ale 51 uses120sDamage Boost 20%
Ron's Ale Ron's Ale 53 uses120sDamage Boost 20%
Mug of Dwarf Ale Mug of Dwarf Ale 51 usesNoneIf you give it to a Dwafr , he become you best friend.
Dwarf Ale Dwarf Ale 53 usesNoneIf you give it to a Dwafr , he become you best friend.
Drake Ale Drake Ale 53 usesNoneYou will fall asleep and woke up with 2 Mandrakes with you.
Orian's Ale Orian's Ale 53 uses480sNow spiders you friends.They can figth fo you.
Pomegranate Wine Pomegranate Wine 103 uses120sSanity regeneration
Red Wine Red Wine 103 uses240sHealth regeneration
Dragon Wine Dragon Wine 103 uses180sHealth regeneration
Durian Wine Durian Wine 103 uses120sOn hit you can Fear opponent
Mead Mead 103 uses120sIt makes bees neutral to you
Watermelon Wine Watermelon Wine 103 uses240sDecreases perceived temperature
Cactus Wine Cactus Wine 103 uses240sIt give night vision
Blue Wine Blue Wine 103 uses240sSanity regeneration
Glowing Wine Glowing Wine 103 uses120sIt makes Cave Worms neutral to you
Bourbon Bourbon 153 uses240sFire resistance 20%
Death Brew Death Brew 53 uses240sGives 5hp pet hit and every killed enemy can drop Nightmare Fuel
Clear Bourbon Clear Bourbon 153 uses240sForce resistance 5%
Vodka Vodka 153 uses240sPoison resistance 5%
Gin Gin 153 uses240sAcid resistance 5%
Tequila Tequila 153 uses240sDeath resistance 5%
Whiskey Whiskey 153 uses240s Electric resistance 5%
Baijui Baijui 153 uses240sFire resistance 5%
Soju Soju 153 uses240s Cold resistance 5%

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