Scalemails, plates, frost essence : all are effective! Magic armor that blocks magic damage or basic armor that stops hits...

A great part of them have variations that makes them less or more efficient...

Item Name Type Physical resistance % Durability Special Effect
Light Leather Armor Light Leather Armor Armor 65 1200 None
Heavy Leather Armor Heavy Leather Armor Armor 75 1500 None
Copper Armor Copper Armor Armor 70 1800 None
Gold Armor Gold Armor Armor 70 2000 None
Silver Armor Silver Armor Armor 85 2500 None
Iron Armor Iron Armor Armor 80 2800 None
Steel Armor Steel Armor Armor 95 4000 None
Armor of Fire Armor of Fire Armor 80 2800Fire resistance 70%.Ignite chance when take hit.Slowing.


Armor of Frost Armor of Frost Armor 80 2800 Cold resistance 70%.Freeze chance when take hit.Slowing.Warms
Adamantine Armor Adamantine Armor Armor 95 8500 None
Pot Hat Pot Hat Hat 20 500

Fire and Acid resistance +20%.

Lightning resistance -50%

Light Leather Hat Light Leather Hat Hat 55 1200 None
Heavy Leather Hat Heavy Leather Hat Hat 70 1500 None
Copper Hat Copper Hat Hat 60 1800 None
Gold Hat Gold Hat Hat 70 2000 Sanity regeneration
Silver Hat Silver Hat Hat 85 2500 None
Iron Hat Iron Hat Hat 80 2500 None
Steel Hat Steel Hat Hat 90 3500 None
Goblin King's Crown Goblin King's Crown Hat 30 20000 None
King's Crown King's Crown Hat 95 4500 None
Adamantine Hat Adamantine Hat Hat 95 4500 None
Wooden Shield Wooden Shield Shield 10 100 None
Rock Shield Rock Shield Shield 20 200 None
Copper Shield Copper Shield Shield 30 200 None
Gold Shield Gold Shield Shield 40 500 Sanity regeneration.
Silver Shield Silver Shield Shield 40 500 None
Iron Shield Iron Shield Shield 50 600 None
Steel Shield Steel Shield Shield 80 1000 None
Bone Shield Bone Shield Shield 20 200 Fear chance  20 % when take hit.
Reflect Shield Reflect Shield Shield 20 400 Reflect all spells
Adamantine Shield Adamantine Shield Shield 95 3000 None