Here should be all bottles and potions

This chart is missing one its dark blue, cylindrical and called the wonder potion.... I'm to scared to drink it; thereby the effects are unknown (I'll update once I drink it).

Item Name Stack Discription
Empty Bottle Empty Bottle 40Ingridient
Health Potion Health Potion 40Restore 150 Health
Sanity Potion Sanity Potion 40Restore 150 Sanity
Hunger Potion Hunger Potion 40Restore 150 Hunger
Cure Poison Potion Cure Poison Potion 40Poison Immunity for 10s
Mineral Water Bottle Mineral Water Bottle 40Ingridient
Water Bottle Water Bottle 40Ingridient
Frozen Essence Bottle Frozen Essence Bottle 40Ingridient
Life Essence Bottle Life Essence Bottle 40Ingridient
Lightning Essence Bottle Lightning Essence Bottle 40Ingridient
Poison Essence Bottle Poison Essence Bottle 40Ingridient

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