Copper Sword
Copper Sword
Prefab = "fa_coppersword"
Trade Stand Equipment
Durability 115
Damage 50
Damage Type Physical

The copper sword is the weakest of the early game metal swords.

Copper SwordEdit

Recipe : 3 Copper Bars, 4 Charcoal/Coke and 1 Water Bottle/Mineral Water Bottle/Oil Bottle. Rank = Forge.

Inventory slot backgroundCopper barInventory slot backgroundCopper barInventory slot backgroundCopper barInventory slot background Any WaterInventory slot backgroundFuel


ForgeInventory slot backgroundCopper Sword
Inventory slot backgroundGold Nugget


Dwarven TradersInventory slot backgroundCopper Sword

Used to CraftEdit

Lesser Fire Sword Lesser Frost Sword Lesser Lightning Sword Mage Sword

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