Who dare summon me!

It was peacefull until some adventurer gave it some special ring that looked strange. Then, a growing fury came and now it only wants to destroy anyone who dare being on his path.

  • Cursed King Health = 5000
  • Cursed King Damage = 150
  • Cursed King Attack Period = 1
  • Cursed King Run Speed = 2
  • Cursed King Ignite Chance = 20%
  • Cursed King Fire Resistance = 100%
  • Cursed King Cold Resistance = -100%
  • Cursed King Loot table = Demon Ring, 10 Meat and 20 Gold Nugget.
  • Cursed King Xp = 500
  • Cursed King Prefab = "fa_cursedpigking"

It spawns from the one who loves gold.

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