The Damage Order can be useful to understand how to have flawless blocking.

First thing to know, vocabulary :

-Resistance means a % that will absorb a certain amount of damage from the same damage type.

-Absorption means a flat reduction of the damage taken. If it has the same damage type. That means it can go to 0 damage.

-Durability means the health of the items, it goes down when it stops damage from being taken. If the armor stops 120 damage and has a durability of 200, it will drop to 80 durability after the hit. If the damage is more than the level of durability, the item will break and you will receive the damage you didn't block(it works like Trample).

Now, we can look at the main thing : the Resolution of a hit.

  1. After taking a hit, the damage value will go trough the Shield Resistance.
  2. Next will be the Armor Resistance.
  3. After that, it will be the Hat Resistance.
  4. And the Natural Resistance(from an ability or just, like natural).
  5. Lastly, the Absorption will do a flat reduction of the final damage.

Example :

- A monster hits me for 9000 damage.

- I wear a Steel Shield, which stops 80% of the damage, being, 7200. The shield only has 1000 Durability so it can only stop 1000 damage max, so it breaks. The remaining damage is 8000.

- I have Iron Armor that also stops 80%(6400). The armor has 2800 Durability and then it breaks. The damage left is 5200.

- The Adamantine Hat I have reduces the damage by 95%(4940) and has 4500 durability. The attack breaks it and I still have to take 700 damage.

- My rocky skin has 75%(525) and because it is a Natural Resistance, it does not have a durability. I take 175 damage.

- At last, I had a Shield spell active, it has 50 Absorption so it stops 50 flat damage(and vanishes). At the end, I took 125 damage(from 9000!!!). Well, except the fact i had 75% Natural Resistance that jumped out of nowhere and that I can't have Shield and Shields at the same time. All my items broke, but I am alive...

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