Death Brew
Death Brew
Hunger 5
Intoxication 5
Duration 240
Durability 3 Uses
Effect Gives 5hp pet hit and every killed enemy can drop Nightmare Fuel.
Few things are known but it is enough not to tempt of to know more about it.

Each hit you do gives you health and each time you kill something, you can drop Nightmare Fuel.

  • Death Brew Uses = 3
  • Death Brew Hunger = 5
  • Death Brew Intoxication = 5
  • Death Brew Duration = 240s
  • Death Brew Prefab = "fa_barrel_deathbrew"
Inventory slot backgroundWortInventory slot background Nightmare FuelInventory slot backgroundBrewing YeastInventory slot backgroundWooden BarrelKegInventory slot backgroundDeath Brew

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