The druid can be one of the most rewarding characters of "Hero in the Dark" once you get the hang of playing her. Here are a few tips as to how to start off the game as a druid.

  • Tree Farming: When you first begin the game it can be alarming to see your sanity drop every time you chop down a tree, pick twigs, pick grass or dig something up. Don't worry. The sanity is easy to gain back by planting the pine cones that you get from trees. For the most part its okay to have your sanity drop a bit because it will go back up when you plant the tree's. This is the circle of life and it comforts the druid character giving her sanity.
  • Nightmare Fuel Farming: The druid has the power to reduce and increase sanity easily without the use of hard to find items or advanced crafting items. Through tree farming it is relatively easy to get nightmare fuel as the druid. There are two ways to farm nightmare fuel through reduced sanity and these are relatively the same as they were in the original Don't Starve. You can either choose to kill beardlings (rabbits when the character is below 50 sanity points) or you can get down to about 10 sanity points (when you see red on the edge of the screen) and fight nightmare monsters. I personally prefer to farm beardlings because it is safer than going below 10 sanity points and having nightmare monsters attack you.
  • Special Powers: The druid has several special powers. Among these special powers are the ability to craft 5 different scrolls after level 1 and the ability to summon "pet" (a friendly hound) after level five to defend you. A big part of the druids strength comes from the army of animals that she will eventually be able to summon to follow her.
  • Scrolls: I won't get into the specific scrolls in this article but I will recommend that you only take the time to craft a scroll if it is important to your survival. I find that throughout the game the "unknown scroll" is an item that spawns often and will lead to you learning and obtaining copies of the scrolls available to you pretty early on in the game.

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