Being drunk helps fighting but you should not try to use your mind. Well, yes, that's for mindless warriors.

You get Intoxication by drinking Alcohols/Liquors/Wines. It goes down by time, but be careful to not drink too much!

You can get bonuses from being drunk, but also downgrades(higher you are, more food you'll need) :

  1. Dodge chance increases by +5%, chance of Spell Casting failure increases by +3% and you do +10% more damage.
  2. You feel tougher.
  3. You can eat spoiled food without negative effects. Your ability to dodge(+5%) and to strike back(+10%) increases. Dusk does not make you sad and you're worse at casting spells(+15%).
  4. You start to feel a bit warmer at the cost of some sanity.
  5. Monsters are no longer scary and you are even stronger(+20%). Spells get worse(+18%).
  6. You can eat monster meat without downsides. Night is a cakewalk and you're even tougher.
  7. Dodging is easier(+20%) but you start to lose your items.
  8. Don't even try to cast spells, that'd be pointless.
  9. You're messed up, you even begin to not feel at all. Stop it, now.
  10. BAM, you're on the ground. Everything's blurry, all fades away. When you wake up, you see a pigman. Is he a friend?

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