It's the king of the dwarves, he seems angry but you don't know why...

He wears an impressive selfmade armor and have a beautifull sword, the war even came here.

The dwarves choose their kings by their aptitudes; this one looks pretty able. Not any dwarf can forge adamantine.

  • Dwarf King Health = 300
  • Dwarf King Damage = 50
  • Dwarf King Attack Period = 2
  • Dwarf King Walk Speed = 3
  • Dwarf King Run Speed = 6
  • Dwarf King Poison Resistance = 50%
  • Dwarf King Fire Resistance = 20%
  • Dwarf King Physical Resistance = 20%
  • Dwarf King Cold Resistance = -30%
  • Dwarf King Loot Table = Gold Nugget , Meat, Inventory.
  • Dwarf King Xp = 500
  • Dwarf King Prefab = "fa_dorf_king"

He spawns with Adamantine Armor + Adamantine Sword + King's Crown.

You can find him in the Dwarf Fortress.

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