As you wondered, there is different damage type, they help to make a better resistances/fight mechanism. Each type have a color for the damage indicator. Whenever the Resistance is named without adding a sub-type, it will be Physical.

So X resistance type is only affected by X damage type! And there is 9 different types :

  • Physical Damage = Basic damage, it's the "usual" damage. Color = White
  • Poison Damage = Often used to weaken foes, it does weak damage at regular intervals. Color = Light Green
  • Fire Damage = Done by magic or forest fire, fire damage is never nice! Color = Red
  • Acid Damage = Another type of damage. It burns, but it's not fire! Color = Green
  • Electric Damage = Don't close your maw! Color = Indigo
  • Cold Damage = It's freezing! Chill their spine! Color = Light Blue
  • Death Damage = Even he could not do that! Color = Black
  • Holy Damage = By the grace of god! Color = Turquoise
  • Force Damage = It's the magic physical damage! Meh... Color = Purple

Example :

If I wear an Armor of Fire and get hit by a Force projectile, I'll get 100% of the damage because I don't have any Force Resistance. But if I get strike by a Fire Trap, I'll only get 30 Fire damage because the armor have 70% Fire Resistance.

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