Hey! Its the F.A.Q page. Do you know what that's mean?

Ask! And we will try to answer!

1) Will we add this for DST? Edit

Because DST is only on Steam(and so, not DRM free), it will NOT, and perhaps during a long time, be released for DST. Thanks for your understanding.

2) Why is the wizard too hard? Edit

Because we want him to be a challenge.

3) Is it compatible with X character mod? Edit

Yes, but you won't have a whole part of the mod, as it is balanced around HitD characters.

4) Hey, I have no idea of what to do with the smelter/other crafting machine, help! Edit

It works in the same way as the crock pot. There is a Recipe Book that can be found and it shows your recipes.

5) Where do i find X? What does Y do? Edit

Either find it by yourself or...well, where are we?