Health 4 Hits with Hammer
With rage as your forge, your hammer can smite anything.

You can use it to forge anything you want.

Some say that a skilled enough smith can forge something out of the rarest metals.

  • Forge Health = 4 Hits with Hammer.
  • Forge Prefab = "fa_forge"

You can find it in the Dwarf Fortress.

Inventory slot backgroundIron bar


Inventory slot background Lava


Inventory slot backgroundBoards


Inventory slot backgroundHammerInterface arrow rightInventory slot backgroundForge

Used to CraftEdit

Bars and BottlesEdit

Copper bar Iron bar Pig Iron Bar Steel Bar Silver Bar Gold Bar Lava Bar Empty Bottle


Copper Hat Copper Armor Copper Shield Copper Kama Copper Staff Copper Sword Copper Dagger Copper Axe


Iron Hat Iron Armor Iron Shield Iron Kama Iron Staff Iron Sword Iron Dagger Iron Axe


Steel Hat Steel Armor Steel Shield Steel Kama Steel Staff Steel Sword Steel Dagger Steel Axe


Silver Hat Silver Armor Silver Shield Silver Kama Silver Staff Silver Sword Silver Dagger Silver Axe


Gold Hat Gold Armor   Gold Shield Gold Kama Gold Staff


Armor of Lesser Fire Armor of Fire Armor of Greater Fire Lesser Fire Sword Fire Sword Greater Fire Sword Lesser Fire Axe Fire Axe Greater Fire Axe


Armor of Lesser Frost Armor of Frost Armor of Greater Frost Lesser Frost Sword Frost Sword Greater Frost Sword Lesser Frost Axe Frost Axe Greater Frost Axe


Lesser Lightning Sword Lightning Sword Greater Lightning Sword


Dagger of Lesser Slaying Dagger of Slaying Dagger of Greater Slaying Lesser Vorpal Axe Vorpal Axe Greater Vorpal Axe


Lesser Poisonous Dagger Poisonous Dagger Greater Poisonous Dagger

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