2014-11-20 00065

Do you feel cold wind? Did you dug up a grave? It's too late, the ghost will now take your life...

It feels like "Déjà-vu"? Now this unliving got dark powers and he is determined to used them on you.

  • Ghost Health = 300
  • Ghost Damage = 30
  • Ghost Attack Period = 1.2
  • Ghost Speed = 5
  • Ghost Death Resistance = 100%
  • Ghost Poison Resistance = 100%
  • Ghost Holy Resistance = -100%
  • Ghost Loot table = Nightmare Fuel(75%) and Nightmare Fuel(18%).
  • Ghost Xp = 30
  • Ghost Prefab = "ghost"

Run for your life! Is that usefull? Nah! They will chase you until you fall on your knees and redempt...

They were disturbed during a chess play, they were so angry that they decided to make it once and for all. They took some dark power and came out to kick your....erh, they don't have foots.

You can find him in a Grave or during Full Moon.

It spawns from Grave and Lava Grave.