It looks like you have entered the Goblin's Lair and found the leader of the goblins...

There is no turning back, today is your day of death or victory!

To become king of the Goblins, one must assassinate the previous king. Thus, only the most foolish seek positions of leadership.

The goblin king is actually an Ice Goblin, that took over control of the normal goblins, why he is located so low underground is due to the fact that the temperature is cooler.

  • Goblin King Health = 1600
  • Goblin King Damage = 30
  • Goblin King Attack Period = 2
  • Goblin King Walk Speed = 6
  • Goblin King Run Speed = 6
  • Goblin King Physical Resistance = 30%
  • Goblin King Fire Resistance = 20%
  • Goblin King Cold Resistance = 20%
  • Goblin King Acid Resistance = 20%
  • Goblin King Electric Resistance = 20%
  • Goblin King Xp = 250
  • Goblin King Prefab = "fa_goblin_king_1"

When he see you, he becomes furious and makes a barrier with his blade.

He spawns with Thulecite Armor, Thulecite Club and Goblin King's Crown.

You can find him in the Goblin's Lair.