Heavy Leather Hat
Heavy Leather Hat
Prefab = "fa_hat_heavyleather"
Durability 1500
Physical Resistance 70%
  • Heavy Leather Hat Durability = 1500
  • Heavy Leather Hat Physical Resistance = 70%
  • Heavy Leather Hat Prefab = "fa_hat_heavyleather"


Recipe : 1 Copper Bar, 3 Pig Skin, 1 Charcoal/Coke and 2 Water Bottle/Mineral Water Bottle/Oil Bottle. Rank = Forge.

Inventory slot backgroundPig SkinInventory slot backgroundPig SkinInventory slot backgroundPig SkinInventory slot background Copper barInventory slot backgroundFuelInventory slot backgroundAny WaterInventory slot backgroundAny WaterForgeInventory slot backgroundHeavy Leather Hat

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