The Ki is something only The Monk masters. It can help you during a fight. It is gained while fighting with the appropriate weapons and it slowly goes down with time.

You must be wearing no Armors nor Helmets, only Clothes can allow you to get Ki.

If you try using any Armors/Helmets or use anything else than your fists/Kamas/Staves, you will lose all ki gained.

Every 10 ki generated grants a special passive bonus to the monk :

  1. Increases move speed by 50%.
  2. (Future Update)
  3. Now, your attacks deals double damage (x2)(+100%).
  4. Dodge chance increases by 30%.
  5. (Future Update)
  6. Increases Poison Resistance by 100%, Fire Resistance, Acid Resistance, Electric Resistance and Cold Resistance by 50%.
  7. Your health and sanity starts to regenerate.
  8. Dodge chance increases by 35%.
  9. Your attacks do triple damage(+100%) and are Holy.
  10. You get 50 Absorption to Physical, Fire, Acid, Electric and Cold Damage.

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