Hey! Do you see the ground shaking? It seems there is something coming for you! It looks like...ORCS!

Orcs are camping in several places in the Island. You can find them in those camps eating the last remains of glorious adventurers who wanted to come into their mines...and they will gladly eat this little creature who came too close...

They use brutal force but they are slow...very slow like a falling tree and they smash you with the same strength.

If you come too close, they will play their war drums and chase you, even if you're not on a dwarf warned.


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Prefab = "fa_orc"
Health 850
Walk Speed 3
Run Speed 5
Damage 60
Attack Period 2
Fire Resistance -10%
Exp 35

  • Orc Health = 850
  • Orc Damage = 60
  • Orc Attack Period = 2
  • Orc Walk Speed = 3
  • Orc Run Speed = 5
  • Orc Physical Resistance = 40%
  • Orc Fire Resistance = -10%
  • Orc Xp = 35
  • Orc Prefab = "fa_orc"

The only one that you can find outside the Lava Caves.

Be carefull when you approach him 'cause he does a great amount of damage.

You can find him in Orc Mine and Lava Caves.

It spawns from Orc Hut and Waves.