Orian's Ale
Orian's Ale
Hunger 5
Intoxication 5
Duration 480s
Damage 3 Uses
Effect Now spiders are your friends.They can fight for you.
New friends to play with!

You feel changed, now you can talk to spiders and persuade them to fight for you!

  • Orian's Ale Uses = 3
  • Orian's Ale Hunger = 5
  • Orian's Ale Intoxication = 5
  • Orian's Ale Duration = 480s
  • Orian's Ale Prefab = "fa_barrel_oriansale"
Inventory slot backgroundWortInventory slot background PumpkinInventory slot backgroundBrewing YeastInventory slot backgroundWooden BarrelKegInventory slot backgroundOrian's Ale

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