2014-11-20 00032

Do you feel weird? Did you got bitten by some weird bug? All's well, that's poison spider! You will die soon so enjoy.

Those crawling monsters want to populate the entire Island and only one thing will stop them...

  • Poison Spider Health = 100
  • Poison Spider Damage = 20
  • Poison Spider Attack Period = 3
  • Poison Spider Walk Speed = 3
  • Poison Spider Run Speed = 5
  • Poison Spider Poison Resistance = 100%
  • Poison Spider Fire Resistance = -10%
  • Poison Spider Acid Resistance = -10%
  • Poison Spider Loot Table = Monster Meat(50%), Silk(25%), Poison Spider Gland(5%) or Spider Gland(20%).
  • Poison Spider Xp = 7
  • Poison Spider Prefab = "poisonspider"

They use poison to slowly take down their meal.

Don't forgot some medicine if you come near their dens...we never know what could happens if you fall on their claws.

You can find her in the Swampy Road Trip and the Silky Forest.

It spawns from Poison Spider Den.

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