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Their queen woke up, and she's very hungry...

It was a long time ago, where spiders were sealed down during an earthquake...They populated the entire underworld and one day, a queen came into a crypt, full of dark magic.

The Thing That Was Once wanted to take revenge against the overworld and cursed her to spread death and devastation.

Now she's hiding in a secret place sending her childen on Islands... And you found one!

  • Poison Spider Queen Health = 2200
  • Poison Spider Queen Damage = 80
  • Poison Spider Queen Attack Period = 3
  • Poison Spider Queen Poison Damage = 30
  • Poison Spider Queen Poison Duration = 30
  • Poison Spider Queen Poison Chance = 35%
  • Poison Spider Queen Walk Speed = 1.75
  • Poison Spider Queen Poison Resistance = 100%
  • Poison Spider Queen Fire Resistance = -10%
  • Poison Spider Queen Acid Resistance = -10%
  • Poison Spider Queen Loot Table = Monster Meat, Monster Meat, Monster Meat, Monster Meat, Silk, Silk, Silk, Silk, Spiderhat, Poison Spider Egg Sack, Generic Table(15%), Key Table 2(15%), Level 3 to 5 Scroll(25%) and Level 3 to 5 Scroll(25%).
  • Poison Spider Queen Xp = 300
  • Poison Spider Queen Prefab = "poisonspiderqueen"

You can find it in the Swampy Road Trip and the Silky Forest.

It spawns from Poison Spider Den Tier 3.

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