While mining, you found a new ore and don't know what's his purpose? You trade something and want to know what is it?

Mainly, there is crafting ressources and other things...but always basic ressources :

Item Name Stack How recive
Goblin SkinGoblin Skin 40 Kill Goblins
Red Goblin SkinRed Goblin Skin 40Kill Fire Goblin
Blue Goblin SkinBlue Goblin Skin 40Kill Fire Goblin
Orc SkinOrc Skin 40Kill Orcs
MashMash40Craft in Keg
WortWort40Craft in Keg
MolassesMolasses40Craft in Keg
Brewing YeastBrewing Yeast40Craft in Alchemy Table
Distilling YeastDistilling Yeast40Craft in Alchemy Table
Wine YeastWine Yeast40Craft in Alchemy Table
MugMug40Find in Dwarf Fortress
Wooden BarrelWooden Barrel40Craft
Water BarrelWater Barrel40When it rains,Wooden Barrel is filled with water and become a Water Barrel
Empty BottleEmpty Bottle40Craft in Forge
Water BottleWater Bottle40When it rains,Empty Bottle is filled with water and become a Water Bottle
Mineral Water BottleMineral Water Bottle40Craft in Alchemy Table
Oil BottleOil Bottle40Craft in Alchemy Table
Frozen Essence BottleFrozen Essence Bottle40Craft in Alchemy Table
Lightning Essence BottleLightning Essence Bottle40Craft in Alchemy Table
Poison Essence BottlePoison Essence Bottle40Craft in Alchemy Table
Life Essence BottleLife Essence Bottle40Craft in Alchemy Table
Poison Spider GlandPoison Spider Gland40Kill Poison Spider
Cut WheatCut Wheat40Find in Dwarf Fortress
Red CapRed Cap40Find in Dwarf Fortress
Pink CapPink Cap40Find in Dwarf Fortress
Green CapGreen Cap40Find in Dwarf Fortress
CoalCoal40Lava Caves,Caves
LimestoneLimestone40Lava Caves
CopperCopper40Lava Caves
SilverSilver40Lava Caves
IronIron40Lava Caves
DiamondDiamond40Chance find when Mining 
LavaLava20Lava Caves
CokeCoke20Craft in Alchemy Table
Copper barCopper Bar20Craft in Forge
Silver BarSilver Bar20Craft in Forge
Iron barIron Bar20Craft in Forge
Pig Iron BarPig Iron Bar20Craft in Forge
Steel BarSteel Bar20Craft in Forge
64pxAdamantine Bar20?????
Gold BarGold Bar20Craft in Forge
Lava BarLava Bar20Craft in Forge
SandSand20Craft in Alchemy Table and chance find when digging.

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