Transmutation Robe
Transmutation Robe
Prefab = "fa_transmutationrobe"
Durability 1000
Physical Resistance 60%
Effect +2 Level on Transmutation, Pacify your ennemy.
  • Transmutation Robe Durability = 1000
  • Transmutation Robe Physical Resistance = 60%
  • Transmutation Robe Prefab = "fa_transmutationrobe"


Recipe : 3 Silk Roll, 1 Nightmare Fuel, 2 Sand, 1 Beefalo Wool and 1 Razor. Rank = Alchemy Table.

Inventory slot backgroundSilk RollInventory slot backgroundSilk RollInventory slot backgroundSilk RollInventory slot background Beefalo WoolInventory slot backgroundRazorInventory slot backgroundNightmare FuelInventory slot backgroundSandInventory slot backgroundSandAlchemy TableInventory slot backgroundTransmutation Robe

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